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BERLÍN workshops - Saturday November 3rd


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Embroidery workshop with kantan couture bead embroidery tool;
**suitable for beginners**

This is a three hour session where iˋll be teaching the whole process from designing, to choosing the correct fabric, transferring the design to the fabric and finally embroidering it and securing the ends for a durable product.
We´ll be practicing on totebags, to encourage people to finish their project within the session and so that they can take something home that they can use.

I'll bring designs along for people who aren't too comfortable drawing on the spot, but of course everyone is welcomed to bring their own designs. If this was the case I would recommend starting with designs with continuous lines and of an approximate size of an a4.

The price for the workshop is 65 euros per participant and there's no need for participants to bring anything. Needles will be provided for the duration of the session but are not included to take home.
I will have a few available for sale that day for 20 euro (I tend to buy a few whenever I can find them) and here's a link to where to buy them in the uk in case you want to order them in advanve and have them shipped to you: https://www.sewessential.co.uk/clover-kantan-couture-bead-embroidery-tool

Workshop contents:

* transferring images to fabrics or clothing
* difference between woven and knitted fabrics, best and worst fabrics to embroider on
* Learning to do the following with the kantan needle:

1. Chain stitch
2. Back stitch
3. Beading embroidery

* Ending & securing the stitches once the work is done.

Location and dates: workshops will be held at prenzlauer studio / Kunst-Kollective
Winsstraße 42 on Saturday the 3rd of November.

The embroidery workshop with Hiedra is one of the programs during The Living Room project initiated by Alice Kahei Yu, Berlin-based Hong Kong artist.

Living Room is a work-in-progress art project that involves different initiatives, artists, designers and neighbours living and working on site at Prenzlauer Studio for 30 days. The project is born from Prenzlauer Studios constant dedication in involving the direct local community into the studio space. Rather than focusing on artist production by itself, artist Alice Kahei sees the visitors - everyone as a crucial part of any event or space. The project Living Room is born from that interest and thrives from an intense and varied set of events and gatherings to take part during the whole calendar month of November 2018 with artist resident - crochet-maker Daryl Hooper.

About Prenzlauer Studio
Prenzlauer Studio is an international artist collective currently consisting of oil painter, ceramist, installation artist, graphic designer, textile designer and curators. Together we work and share a studio space on the ground floor at the junction of Winsstraße and Chodowieckstraße, in the centre of Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.

The Studio is a collective space growing in an organic and diverse manner. We thrive through an ideal of openness to the community that we are in, believing that artists and audiences alike are crucial to relevant discussions across subjects. In this participatory approach, the space also changes, expanding its programme to new forms and explorations of the arts, politics and community. Therefore we are fully embracing our ever-changing habitat.

More info about the space: