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Image of Heads
  • Image of Heads
  • Image of Heads

Hi! These are Lino cut prints, that we printed ourselves on 92 g/m2 paper.
Well, I did the printing, my partner did the carving :)

Since the paper we have to print these on is quite thin, you can choose either “mounted” or “regular” versions of this design. I’m keeping the cheaper option available because I know it’s not always easy buying art but I have to say, in my opinion the mounted version is a much nicer object, a better finished product.

Also, please keep in mind that if you’re ordering for instance the “black on orange” print, not mounted, the whole of the background will be orange (i hope this makes sense! Look at the pictures or send me a message if you have doubts ;) )

The size of the paper is a4 and the size of the print is a5.

Random colour combinations are also available in case you don’t want to do the choosing or just want a one of a kind print ;)

Oh and just in case: Block printing is never perfect and these have all different textures, so if you are expecting perfection please do not order them.

As always, Thank you for your support,