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Papercut T

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these are hand pulled, printed by me once you place your order and shipped once a week. So please allow between a week and 10 days for your t to be ready.

This design, in my opinion, is the one that works best in all sizes; you can see in one of the images an Ss next to an L to see the size of the print in relation to the T.

I use unisex t-shirts so they are a bit big... if you want a size chart go to the last image! :) But also, I've bought kids t-shirts to have a wider size range, so please! if you want your small T to be really small or extra small, just let me know and I'll print one of those for you.
I crop my ts because I wear mostly high waisted trousers, and you can do the same if you find these too long.

Gray, natural, bright orange and white tshirt are available.

In order to keep shipping prices low, I'm not tracking them, unless you choose the "tracked option" which costs 5£ more.

If you have any doubts, send me a message!